8 simple safety steps

By |  June 9, 2017
Be sure fire extinguishers are in proper working order. Photos courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Be sure fire extinguishers are in proper working order.
Photos courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Safety inspections are critical for the well-being of your crew, and they’re essential to keep your machines operating at peak performance.

Many inspections can be done monthly, while some may be needed more often depending on individual operating conditions. When in doubt, always check with your local equipment dealer.

To help ensure operator safety and keep your equipment running efficiently, here are eight steps you can take.

1. Check cab windows for good visibility and protection. Make sure all of the windows are in place and intact – not gouged, cracked or seriously scratched. Gouges, cracks and deep scratches can compromise a window’s integrity and increase its likelihood of breaking or shattering.

2. Wash windows with an approved cleaning solution. Not all windows are made with the same materials, even on similar models from the same manufacturer. Check each individual machine’s manual to be sure you are using a solution that’s compatible with your windows.

Photo courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Vehicle inspectors should use three
points of contact when working on

3. Check the handholds around the cab. Inspect these around the cab and service areas.

4. Check the steps on cabs and walkways. Non-skid surfaces should be intact. If any non-skid material is worn or missing, have your local equipment dealer repair or replace it.

5. On equipment where present, inspect screen guards over the windows and cab openings. Be sure they’re secure and in good condition.

6. Inspect operator seat belts and safety harnesses. Make sure your operators use them correctly.

7. Clean the cab of any unnecessary clutter and materials. Get rid of loose spare parts or trash that could affect the operator’s ability to control the machine.

8. Inspect fire extinguishers and water tanks to be sure they’re operable and easily accessible. Check the water pressure of the tanks.

Information for this article courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery – North America.

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