Blades more efficient at shearing, designed to last longer

By |  November 7, 2013

Allied-Gator’s MT mobile shear has a new blade design. Serrated Gator Blades can outlast traditional shear blades by up to 50 percent when processing general scrap, the company says. Allied-Gator also says Serrated Gator Blades can last up to 90 percent longer when shearing steel wire and cable. The serrations of the MT’s new blades are designed to pass through material like a saw blade rather than forcing the shear to chop through a large material mass. Instead of a snipping effect, the blades generate a tearing action. This allows the MT shear to grip and tear scrap materials. As the MT’s dual-moving shear jaws close on structural steel, each serration yields and tears scrap material along the blades’ cutting path.

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