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Motorized pulleys are compact and eliminate the need for extensive guarding, streamlining the plant’s  footprint and simplifying conveyor maintenance. Photos courtesy of Rulmeca Corp.

Optimizing portable plant conveyor drives

May 26, 2017By

A Mid-Atlantic contract crusher works alongside manufacturers to optimize the conveyor drives on his portable plants.

Vermeer’s TR626 trommel screen

USCC live demo walk-through

May 25, 2017By

USCC’s live demo offers a look at the latest portable grinding and screening equipment related to composting.

Using a dedicated bulk DEF trailer, a technician services a wheel loader. Photos courtesy of Thunder Creek Equipment

Best practices for DEF management

May 24, 2017By

Heavy equipment owners should know the best practices for handling and storing larger quantities of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Be sure fire extinguishers are in proper working order. Photos courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery

8 simple safety steps

Safety inspections are critical for the well-being of your crew, and they’re essential to keep your machines operating at peak performance.

It’s important to train operators to be familiar with any built-in fuel-saving features such as auto idle and auto engine shutdown, which can be set to engage after a pre-set amount of time. Photo by Darren Constantino

The benefits of training operators

Reduce costs and elevate an excavator’s resale value with help from your team.

Photos courtesy of Haver & Boecker

Portable screen boosts operation’s productivity, profits

A new portable screen boosts a Canadian aggregate operation’s productivity and profits.

After purchasing tracked IRock equipment, it only takes Magruder Limestone a day to move its chassis-mounted equipment to another quarry. Photos courtesy of Ironclad Marketing

Solving quarry quandaries

May 15, 2017By

Mobility provides a number of solutions to a Midwest aggregate producer following investments in crushing, screening equipment.

Am Cast's Rocky Transformer

Incorporating technology-driven solutions

May 14, 2017By

Am Cast’s Tomaso Veneroso recently visited with PP&E to offer insights on emerging technologies and how the industry is adopting innovation.