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‘Infrastructure week’ an opportunity for progress

June 5, 2017By

The White House kicks off a series of week-long events focused on revitalizing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Could this week’s focus be a true step toward the achievement of an effective, long-term highway bill?

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Trump reveals $1T infrastructure vision

May 26, 2017By

President Donald Trump laid out his vision for a $1 trillion infrastructure package in his budget request, reports The Hill.

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Senate drafts bill to spur infrastructure growth

May 18, 2017By

The legislation would leverage private-sector dollars through a new investment bank to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure.

Pumping gas

Report: Trump may explore a gas tax increase

May 2, 2017By

President Donald Trump indicated that he is open to increasing the federal gas tax to support U.S. infrastructure development.

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U.S. Senate confirms Acosta as labor secretary

May 1, 2017By

The confirmation of Alexander Acosta paves the way for movement on other posts in the Department of Labor.


State transportation bill passes in California

April 30, 2017By

The $54 billion plan cleared both the state’s senate and assembly chambers with ease, and the governor signed it.

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White House soaking in comments regarding regulations

April 18, 2017By

According to a report, the Trump administration is inclined to accept a number of public comments regarding the regulation of U.S. businesses.

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Civil engineers give US infrastructure a D+ rating

March 14, 2017By

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently gave U.S. infrastructure a poor grade.