Cuts moisture down, reduces sand-drying time significantly

By and |  December 27, 2013

GreyStone’s three models of dewatering screens – the DS-488 (4 ft. x 8 ft.), DS-6010 (5 ft. x 10 ft.) and DS-7212 (6 ft. x 12 ft.) – handle a variety of capacities and dewater up to 300 tph. According to GreyStone, concrete and masonry sands typically retain between 18 and 24 percent moisture, which requires drying time in the pile. GreyStone says its three models cut that moisture down to as low as 10 percent. As each unit receives a high percentage of water-saturated fine material, it produces a dense, compact cake that rides up the belt and forms a pile with no runoff or water pools. This provides a dry, transportable product that can be sold in a short period of time. A high-frequency separator allows producers to adjust bed depth, table tilt and vibrator variables in order to remove up to 50 percent of the water from material while maintaining maximum production, GreyStone adds.

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