Excavators, material handlers boast added safety features

By |  October 26, 2016
Cat M316F wheeled excavator

Cat M316F wheeled excavator

Caterpillar designed its F Series wheeled excavators and wheeled material handlers to provide increased fuel efficiency, versatility and operator safety, according to the company. The lineup includes the M314F, M316F, M318F, M320F and M322F wheeled excavators and the MH3022 and MH3024 wheeled material handlers.

Cat’s M314F and M316F wheeled excavators use the Cat C4.4 ACERT engines, while the other wheeled excavator models use the C7.1 ACERT engines. The Cat clean-emission module also includes a diesel particulate filter for all models, excluding the M314F and M316F.

The wheeled excavators incorporate a system that adjusts engine speed to match demands during travel. According to Cat, the system provides the exact level of power required for varying road situations, which results in reduced fuel consumption and sound levels.

For all excavator models, a switch operates the quick-coupler controls to meet the new ISO 13031 standard to allow for quick tool changes. In addition, operators can limit travel speed in reverse mode so they can move the machine a safer speed when moving backward. A new split-screen monitor for side view and rearview camera displays allow both images to be seen at a glance by operators, Cat says.

Additionally, a cab pre-filtration system optional for the MH3022 and MH3024 helps the machines to minimize dust entry and air contamination.

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