Loader’s hybrid-electric drive system recaptures energy

By |  May 6, 2016
John Deere debuted the 944K hybrid wheel loader

John Deere 944K hybrid wheel loader

John Deere’s 944K hybrid wheel loader offers maximized productivity and efficiency through its hybrid-electric drive system that is designed to lower daily operating costs, according to the company.

Coupled with a 536 hp PowerTech Tier 4 Interim engine, the 944K provides fuel savings over 9 cu. yd. loaders with conventional drivetrains. The wheel loader’s brushless AC generators and motors, water-cooled brake resistors and solid-state power electronics deliver long-term performance to quarry and large-load applications.

The 944K’s hybrid-electric drive recaptures energy while slowing the loader when the operator lets off the accelerator, lessening the load on the engine and further reducing fuel consumption. During operation, John Deere says the engine can run in a limited speed range of 1,200 to 1,800 rpm for fuel efficiency in normal mode, or it can run at constant speed so boom and bucket functions are powerful, responsive and quick in performance mode.

The machine features the largest loader cab offered by John Deere, providing users with a good view to the bucket, tires and ground hazards. In addition, the 944K hybrid wheel loader offers standard traction control that automatically limits torque to any wheel when slippage occurs, increasing machine traction in poor conditions.

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