McLanahan names CEO, promotes two others

By |  March 25, 2014

McLanahan Corp. named Sean McLanahan CEO, and the company announced it is restructuring into three main areas: corporate shared services, sales and business development, and business operations. According to a press release, three different executive vice presidents will manage these three respective areas.

One of those executive vice presidents is Jay Nartatez. He was promoted to executive vice president of corporate shared services, and he will also serve as McLanahan’s CFO.

Also, Ken Kirsch was promoted to executive vice president of business operations. Kirsch now directly oversees technical services, product innovation, materials management, manufacturing and human resources.

The company is currently recruiting for the executive vice president position that will oversee sales and business development.

“This new global organization chart not only provides new positions for 2014, but also insight into where we will be in 2020,” says Sean McLanahan in a press release. “Segmenting the corporation into three main areas allows employees to focus on their areas of expertise, while supporting our customers and the global marketplace.”

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