Performance Skid helps move material around jobsites

By |  June 28, 2016
Hartl Performance Skid

The Hartl Performance Skid can run on electricity by attaching
it to a power supply or diesel generator. Photo courtesy of Hartl Crusher.

Hartl unveiled its Performance Skid, which can assist with material lying around jobsites, the company says.

The Performance Skid features a flexible drive unit and docking station that is suitable for all hydraulic attachments, including bucket crushers, screeners, separators and shredders. According to Hartl, these attachments fix easily and quickly, which is an improvement in performance terms because less time is wasted in the intake of material and rotation. Once fitted with a quick coupling system, all conventional attachments can be adapted and mounted.

According to Hartl, the Performance Skid features nearly double the performance of some other models and it uses a compact excavator to feed the attachment. Hartl adds that the skid is easy to transport with a commercial hook-lift truck. The skid can run on electricity by attaching it to a power supply or to a diesel generator.

Additionally, the Performance Skid can be controlled remotely, allowing the attachment’s operating position to be continuously adjusted for height and moved forward or backward as required. To view the Performance Skid in action, check out this video from the company.

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