Portable crushing spread handles large loads, fits in small spots

By |  March 16, 2017
Elrus' new portable crushing spread

Elrus’ new portable crushing spread

Elrus Aggregate Systems developed a portable crushing spread that offers increased plant efficiency, a smaller size and a lowered overall cost of ownership, according to the company.

The spread is self-contained on two chassis, and it sets up in less than two hours with only one or two personnel, Elrus says. It consists of an Elrus MS612 6-ft. x 12-ft. triple-deck feeder screen plant and a Sandvik 200-hp CH430 crusher with ASRi 2.0 automated cone control mounted on a chassis with control center enclosure.

Elrus engineered these units to handle large loads, and they are capable of fitting in smaller locations.

Both plants feature run-on hydraulic leveling and hydraulic adjustable on-board feed and discharge conveyors to facilitate rapid mobilization and optimized plant efficiency, according to Elrus. The ASRi2.0 includes a simple-to-use graphical user interface with a touchscreen, and it automatically controls the crusher. This feature enables the operator to obtain a high rate of reduction and improved particle shape while protecting the equipment from overload and overflow, Elrus adds. It also monitors for other events that could occur, allowing time to make adjustments to prevent damage.

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