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‘Infrastructure week’ an opportunity for progress

June 5, 2017By

The White House kicks off a series of week-long events focused on revitalizing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Could this week’s focus be a true step toward the achievement of an effective, long-term highway bill?

House crafts $85B infrastructure spending bill

May 22, 2017By

House Democrats drafted the LIFT America Act, an $85 billion infrastructure bill.


Obama signs 5-year, $305B highway bill into law

December 7, 2015By

President Obama signed the five-year, $305 billion highway bill Friday that Congress passed one day earlier. The bill, […]


House, Senate reach highway bill agreement

December 1, 2015By

House and Senate lawmakers reached an agreement on a highway bill that would extend federal transportation funding for […]

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Obama signs two-week highway bill extension

November 23, 2015By

President Obama signed a two-week highway bill into law that extends federal transportation funding through Dec. 4. According […]

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Highway patch makes progress, passes Senate

November 19, 2015By

A measure that extends highway funding for two weeks has passed both the House and Senate. Now, the […]

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Patch would give Congress time for multi-year highway bill

November 17, 2015By

The House passed a measure to extend federal highway funds until Dec. 4. The Senate is expected to […]

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U.S. House approves 6-year, $325 billion highway bill

November 5, 2015By

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a six-year, $325 billion highway bill by a 363-64 vote. The legislation […]