Wheel loader models handle tough aggregate material

By |  December 27, 2016

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John Deere designed its 844K Series-III and 844K Series-III Aggregate Handler configurations to handle tough aggregate materials.

The wheel loaders offer a 13.5 liter John Deere PowerTech Tier 4 Final diesel engine that delivers 380 hp for the 844K Series-III and 401 hp for the Aggregate Handler configuration. The models come equipped with standard five-speed transmission with torque-converter lockup in gears two through five. This feature increases acceleration, speeds and cycles, and it optimizes power and fuel efficiency, according to the company.

John Deere integrated more robust plumbing with additional bulk heads on its 844K Series-III wheel loaders, which boosts service and uptime by minimizing hose rubs. The models also include the company’s Quad-Cool system with reversing fan to provide open access to both sides of the coolers for easy cleanout.

In addition, the Aggregate Handler configuration is built for two-pass loading with larger tilt cylinders, higher hydraulic pressure and increased counterweighting to handle bigger material-handling buckets. This configuration also comes with performance buckets for a narrower integrated spill guard and curved side gutters, John Deere says.

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