Edge Innovate offers look ahead to ConExpo-Con/Agg

By |  January 13, 2017
The MC1400 material classifier

The MC1400 material classifier

Edge Innovate will showcase the latest additions to its recycling lineup at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017, including the MC1400 material classifier and the FreeFlow 186.

In addition, the TRT622 trommel and TS65 track stacker will be on display at Edge Innovate’s display in Silver Lots 1 and 2 (S5454).

MC1400 material classifier

According to Edge Innovate, the MC1400 provides operators with the ability to extract impurities from highly contaminated material in one pass. The track material classifier utilizes controlled airflow as a separation medium, providing a solution for the cleaning of compost and biomass fractions with its ability to separate heavy and mid-weight fractions from lights.

The MC1400 allows operators to separate up to four different fractions as standard – lights (plastic, paper, film) mid-weight (wood) and heavy fractions (aggregate, glass, etc.). Ferrous metal will be extracted via the magnet head pulley found on the heavy fraction discharge conveyor with the option of attaching an additional magnet to the mid-weight conveyor.

With an ability to accept a larger piece size of up to 16 in., the MC1400 is not only ideal for organic recycling and biomass fractions but also for extracting commodities from C&D waste, according to Edge Innovate.

FreeFlow screen

The Edge FreeFlow screen, meanwhile, allows for two screening operations in one unit. Customers can now process non-pre-screened material via the FreeFlow’s scalping screen top deck while providing a fine screening function of difficult-to-screen material via the flip-flow bottom deck. The FreeFlow screen range provides a highly efficient screening solution for sticky, moist materials with a high percentage of fines. It’s ideal for processing compost, wood, skip waste, trommel fines, C&D waste and incinerator ash, the company adds.

The screen has been designed to eliminate the blinding or blockage of the screen media that often occurs with traditional screens when screening wet or sticky material. The flip-flow incorporates a heavy-duty screen structure that generates a huge throw, propelling material upward and outward so material gets time to untangle and separate.

TRT622 trommel

Also, the TRT622 is a highly flexible, multi-purpose screening plant that is ideal for applications such as soil, recycling, composting and C&D waste, according to Edge Innovate. Incorporating design features such as a 180-degree radial fines conveyor, a unique load-sensing hydraulic drive system and eco-power-saving functionality, coupled with a user-friendly HMI control panel, enable the TRT622 to be easily adjusted to suit various applications. A quick barrel exchange is facilitated via the hydraulic sliding feeder, enabling operators to simply lift out the existing barrel to be replaced with the various barrel types available.

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